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The Challenge

Bauer Media Group is a global publishing company based in Gemany. Their UK B2B division operates a number of print and digital publications and runs a number of industry events throughout the year. In a fast-changing regulatory environment and with increasing market demand for digital and in-person content, they needed a responsive digital partner that could help them fix problems and exploit opportunities for growth.

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How we helped

We initially worked with Bauer over twenty years ago, providing banner ads and cute user interactions for their websites. As our relationship developed, we were trusted to deliver a big data migration project, porting content from an outdated platform to a new CMS that enabled their editorial team to effectively manage content across multiple digital publications. The success of this project helped to expand our remit, and we now work with multiple teams across the company’s B2B division, helping them respond to regulatory changes and industry changes, improve user engagement through innovative digital tools, and increase revenues through commercially-driven application of new technology. Highlights include:

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Helping the brand rapidly respond to GDPR and Cookie Control regulations by re-developing the registration process, opt-in protools, data request flows and user-led ad-management features across multiple sites.

Re-platforming multiple publications onto a single codebase, saving time and money on maintenance and making improvements quicker and more cost-effective to implement across multiple sites.

Growing page views and subsequent advertising revenue by developing a range of interactive tools to drive targeted traffic. Examples include Car tax calculators and fuel cost calculators for a range of publications targeting fleet managers.

Experimenting with gated content functionality and developing an analytics dashboard to deliver user insights and help the editorial team create more targeted, engaging content.

Reduced support and content management costs by re-platforming 16 separate event websites onto one of 4 custom-built CMS platforms, each designed to handle a core set of user requirements e.g. “enter awards”, “book table’, “book seat” etc.

Our relationship with Bauer as their trusted digital partner has strengthened year on year. We are now a key part of their UK B2B operation and look forward to many more years of collaboration.

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Thought took the time to understand the complexity and nuance of our business. It’s rare to find a consultancy that has the expertise to deliver best-in-class, innovative solutions that are also phenomenal collaborators and problem solvers who can work with you to both formulate and deliver your digital strategy..

Jeremy Bennett - Head of Digital

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