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We like technology but we love what technology can achieve

Our story

Founded in 1999, our goal has always been to help clients solve problems and grow through thoughtful use of technology.

Twenty years ago, that meant building websites to help them be found and liked by customers. We loved doing this and we’re proud of the results we achieved but, after a while, it all felt a bit skin-deep.

From around 2010, we started to look under the bonnets of our client’s businesses. They asked us to find new ways to drive productivity and profits by digitising systems and developing new products. And this is where we really started to shine.

Our experienced consultants now work in tight-knit teams, partnering with clients on large-scale digital transformation projects, developing prototypes and products, automating business processes and providing strategic advice to support resilience and growth.

We’ve grown in size in the last few years, but not too much, so we can match the technical skills of a major consultancy whilst delivering the personal service you expect from a smaller agency.

our leadership team

CreativeDevelopment Director
Jamie Tripp-Brown

Creative Director

[email protected] DDI: +4419 1269 3425
CreativeDevelopment Director
William Anderson

Development Director

[email protected] DDI: +4419 1269 3426

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