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Reducing costs and creating new revenue streams through a multi-site CMS

The Challenge

Bathroom Brands Group is a UK-based designer, importer and supplier of bathroom and sanitary ware products across a suite of established brands. Although the company doesn’t sell directly online, it does host an extensive range of products online to enable business and individual customers to search/browse. The company operated 4 separate sites for its 4 main proprietary brands, but managing content was difficult, and there was no clear user path to allow customers to easily find their nearest retailer or distributor.

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How we helped

Our first step was to re-platform the 4 brand websites onto our multisite CMS, managing data migration from existing data bases and enabling their team to easily add and update product information across all sites through a single content management interface. This saved staff time, reduced site running cost and made cross-site updates quicker, easier and cheaper. We also integrated with internal management systems to implement a “Find your nearest retailer” feature to drive customers a further step through the purchase journey, and added an “inspirations” section to encourage cross-sell within each branded site.

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The success of these new sites led to a second project: the creation of a brand new website to sell spare parts, creating a new revenue stream for the company. This project involve a complex data structure, mapping each individual product with all the spare parts it might need and integrating this data from multiple sources so that no manual data entry was needed.

We then created an elegant user interface for the site that allows both end-customers and retailers to find the spare parts they need by searching in a way that’s natural for them. For example, a customer may search by a product name; a retailer by SKU code - both search queries would bring back the information they need, and a real-time stock check shows availability.

We also created alternative checkout options, with customers paying directly and retailers being invoiced based on the terms of their individual account.

Together, these projects have reduced staff and technology costs, simplified internal workflows, improved customer experience and increased revenues - all through thoughtful use of digital.

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Thought took the time to understand the complexity and nuance of our business It’s rare to find a consultancy that has the expertise to deliver best-in-class, innovative solutions that are also phenomenal collaborators and problem solvers who can work with you to both formulate and deliver your digital strategy..

Juan Pillay - Group Marketing Director

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